“This Class is somewhere on the level of magic for me.  The true power of this course is in how it shifts you personally as a healer. In this course I’ve witnessed both myself and my classmates transform into being able to hold this amazing and powerful space where people can be held and begin to heal themselves.”

Patrick Paddock- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

Training Tuition and Dates

Start Date: October 7, 2021

Tuition: $4400 USD  (Payment plan is available: $1897 down and 12 payments of $250)

      Classes Meet Thursdays 10:00 am- 12:30 PST/1:00pm – 3:30pm EST

Open To The Power Of Energy Healing

Experience The Truth Of Your Being

Comprehensive Training, Connected Community,

Deep Healing, & Powerful Transformation

Bring Healing To Your Community 

Gain Inner and Outer Growth, Transformation, Healing, Connection and Abundance

Pranic Healing Training Overview

Practical Details  

1. Three terms meeting online from October to June  

2. One on One Connection, Coaching, Practice and Feedback with Asrael  

3. Partner Work & Group Sharing Throughout the program – By practicing regularly with other students in the course, teaching group sessions with each other, and group coaching time at the beginning of each class you will have the confidence and the tools to immediately bring this work to your community. 

4.  Clinical Practice Hours- During the 2nd term we invite you to start bringing these practices to your community- We want you to succeed, an important part of this course is bringing the practices you have integrated and learned into the world in a way that feels effortless and exciting.   

“This course has enhanced my sensing and intuitive abilities. It has given me strength to take the plunge and share my inner truth and also what I feel the client needs. At the same time it has given me the understanding that client may not want to go that way and I am okay with it. I have more humility and acceptance. I am much more open and able to give and receive much more. I trust in Universe and I am truly able to enjoy and connect with divine love.”

Nisha Bansal- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Spiritual Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

Training Details


This course is designed to support the growth of the student in their own practice, so that through their own experience they will be able to support their clients and communities.  Each month is a journey of connection with a chakra energy centre, and has a theme that both supports healing and creates balance on all layers- body, mind and spirit. We will be learning to work with clients one on one as well as to share group Healing Light Yoga (Pranic Healing Courses). It is through our own experience and practice, that we will fully embody and integrate the gifts of this training, allowing us to truly be able to serve others. 


Month 1

  • Theme- Grounded Awareness
  • Pranayama Practices- Healing Breath, Fast Breath
  • Chakra 1- Muladhara Chakra- The space where we feel safe, supported and held. From this grounded place we can truly open to our gifts, and move in the world with a sense of  peace, direction, and trust in all that we are, and all that we experience. 

Knowledge and Skills

  • Subtle Intention
  • Pure Consciousnes
  • Clinical Skills- Connecting With Clients, Meeting Them Where They Are At
  • Teaching The Healing Breath and Fast Breath
  • Guided Meditations And Visualizations
  • Understanding And Supporting Others In The Healing Of The First Chakra With Mantras, Mudras and Healing.

Month 2

Theme- Emotional Flow

Emotional Intelligence- Emotional Flow, Cellular Memory, and Creating Awareness of Emotions and how they work.

Chakra 2-  Svadisthana Chakra- The seat of emotional flow in our being. The space where we often store our emotions and connections with others. Here we embrace the truth of emotions as energy and allow them to be digested and transformed with acceptance and awareness.  


Knowledge and Skills

  • Emotional Flow And The Path To Bliss
  • Clinical Skills- Supporting Clients Through Emotions
  • Learn Different Techniques For Different Emotions
  • Teaching A Full Healing Light Yoga Sequence
  • Guided Meditations And Visualizations
  • Understanding And Supporting Others In The Healing Of The Second Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

Month 3

Theme- The Fire Of Spirit

The Power Of The Elements- Balancing The Body and Chakras With Elemental Energies

Marmas- Introduction and Foundations to these Ayurvedic acupressure points

Chakra 3- Manipura Chakra- Our worth, our ideas of responsibility and doing. Here we open to the energy of Be ing. Of the I AM, instead of the I Do. A space where we let go of our ideas of shoulds, and open to the flow of our souls path and desires.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Clinical Skills-Creating Sacred Space and Intention For Your Self And Your Clients
  • Chakras And Elements
  • Using Elemental Energies To Create Healing and Support
  • Marmas For Grounding
  • Guided Meditations And Visualizations
  • Understanding And Supporting Others In The Healing Of The Third Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

Month 4

Theme- Awakening To The Energy Body

Heart Centred Awareness- Practices To Nourish The Heart

Sensing Energy-  Visualization, Feeling Energy, and Subtle Movements

Chakra 4- Anahata Chakra- The space where we connect with pure divine love. Here we receive and share the energy of compassion, gratitude, joy, bliss and connection. As we experience the heart, it reflects its energy to each person we meet. 

Knowledge and Skills

  • Clinical Skills- Connecting In Clear Communication With Clients
  • Working With Energy To Support Transformation of Deeply Imprinted  Patterns 
  • Marmas For Soothing Excess Heat and Balancing Digestion.
  • Deepening Of Intuitive Skills
  • Guiding Others In Visualization and Meditations. 
  • Understanding And Supporting Others In The Healing Of The Fourth Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

Month 5

Theme- Divine Expression

Marmas: Essential Oils, Light Energy and Touch

Chakra 5- Vishudda Chakra- The centre of our creativity and communication, the place where we own and connect with the truth of our voice and allow it to come forth with clarity and flow. Here we are able to allow our truth to flow and share it’s wisdom with others. 

Knowledge and Skills

  • Clinical Skills- How To Set Up Your Practice In A Way That Is Both Nourishing And Abundant
  • Teaching And Working With Marmas In Pranic Healing
  • Marmas For Creating Flow And Energy.
  • Clear and Flowing Communication Practices
  • Guided Meditations And Visualizations
  • Understanding And Supporting Others In The Healing Of The Fifth Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

Month 6

Theme- Opening To Higher Energies

Practices to Deepen  And Understand Your Intuition

Connecting And Working With Guides and Angels

Chakra 6- Ajna Chakra- A place of divine intelligence and intuition.  The space where we can truly see and trust all that we know and sense. Here we fully integrate the all we have learned and are able to guide others with our innate wisdom.

Knowledge And Skills

  • Clinical Skills- Integrating These Practices In Your Work, And Creating Conscious Community
  • Connecting and Working With Angels and Guides
  • Trusting and Knowing your Own Unique Intuition
  • Guided Meditations And Visualizations
  • Understanding and Supporting Others In The Healing Of The 6th Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

Month 7

Theme- Opening To All That Is

Chakra 7- Sahasara Chakra- The space of connection with the whole.  The place where we receive the flow of universal energy, and open to all of its gifts. Here we remember that we are part of something much bigger and we feel the grace and support that is innately part of our world and our existence. 

Laser Coaching

Knowledge and Skills

  • Understanding and Supporting Others In The Healing Of The &th Chakra With Mantras, Mudras And Healing.

 This month is all about practice, practice, practice. Bringing the teachings to your community and coming to the group with questions for Laser Coaching Sessions.

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