“Healing Light Yoga is somewhere on the level of magic for me. Yes, I can teach Healing Light Yoga now, but that was the least part of the training. The true power of this course is in how it shifts you personally as a healer. In this course I’ve witnessed both myself and my classmates transform into being able to hold this amazing and powerful space where people can be held and begin to heal themselves.”

Patrick Paddock- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

Experience The Truth Of Yoga

Comprehensive Training, Connected Community,

Deep Healing, & Powerful Transformation

Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training Overview


Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training has these components


1. Three terms meeting online from September to May


2. Four-day final retreat and certification (Dates TBA May or June 2019)


3. 7 six-week Healing Light Yoga Video Series instruction


4. Optional three-week personal instruction and deep experience of Healing Light Yoga from one of the faculty


Bring Healing To Your Community 

Gain Inner and Outer Growth, Transformation, Healing, Connection and Abundance

Training Tuition and Dates

Start Date: September 20, 2018

Tuition: $4000 USD  (Payment plan is available: $1497 down and 12 payments of $250)

      Classes Meet Thursdays 3:30 PST/6:30 EST- 6:00-5:30 PST/8:30 EST

“This course has enhanced my sensing and intuitive abilities. It has given me strength to take the plunge and share my inner truth and also what I feel the client needs. At the same time it has given me the understanding that client may not want to go that way and I am okay with it. I have more humility and acceptance. I am much more open and able to give and receive much more. I trust in Universe and I am truly able to enjoy and connect with divine love.”

Nisha Bansal- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Spiritual Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

Training Details


Month 1 
  • Healing Breath
  • Fast Breath
  • Chakra 1- Mantra, Mudras, and Healing


Month 2 
  • The Full Healing Light Yoga Sequence
  • Emotional Flow and Intelligence-with self and with clients
  • Chakra 2– Mantras, Mudras and Healing


Month 3 

  • Utilizing the Mahabhutas to Balance the Doshas
  • Chakra 3– Mantras Mudras And Healing
  • Introduction To Marma’s


Month 4 

  • Use and Design of Subtle Movements
  • Inducing Deep Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Feeling and Sensing Energy
  • Chakra 4- Mantras, Mudras and Healing


Month 5 

  • Marma Therapy- Essential Oils, Light Energy, and Touch
  • Chakra 5– Mantras, Mudras and Healing


Month 6 

  • Healing with Higher Energies
  • Connecting With Higher Energies 
  • Deepening Intuition
  • Chakra 6– Mantras, Mudras and Healing
  • Chakra 7– Mantras, Mudras and Healing




Month 1 
  • Subtle Intention
  • Pure Consciousness
  • Valsalva Maneuver


Month 2 
  • 2nd Chakra and Flow
  • Sacred Symbols
  • Emotional Flow and Happiness


Month 3 
  • Mahabhutas and Doshas
  • Chakras and Doshas
  • Understanding how to work with the qualities of the Doshas in the Chakras


Month 4
  • Strategies for Overcoming Habits
  • The Importance of Deep Relaxation
  • The Power of Visualization


Month 5 
  • Location and Use of Marmas


Month 6 

  • Concepts of Angels and Working with Higher Energies


Month 1 
  • Ability to Teach the Healing Breath
  • Understanding, Connection and Integration of 1st Chakra
  • Journaling
Month 2 
  • Ability to Structure a Full Healing Light Yoga Sequence
  • Connecting and Supporting Clients with different emotional imbalances
  • Understanding, Connection And Integration of 2nd Chakra
  • Journaling
Month 3 
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Vata
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Pitta
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Kapha
  • Creating an Elemental Healing Sequence
  • Understanding, Connection and Integration of 3rd Chakra
  • Journaling
Month 4 
  • Working with subtle energy to support transformation of deeply imprinted habits and patterns with HLY
  • Understanding, Connection and Integration of 4th Chakra
  • Ability to Teach Visualization
Month 5
  • Teaching of Marma Use in HLY
  • Understanding, Connection and Integration of 5th Chakra
  • Journaling
Month 6 
  • Demonstration of Working with Higher Energies
  • Understanding , Connection and Integration of 6th and 7th Chakras
  • Journaling


Months 7 & 8 – Independent Study and supervision on the student’s individual and group instruction.

Final 4-day intensive to verify student’s skills and competencies.

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