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Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training Overview

Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training has these components:

  1. Three terms meeting online from September to May
  2. Four-day final retreat and certification (in June)
  3. 7 six-week Healing Light Yoga Video Series instruction.
  4. Optional three-week personal instruction and deep experience of Healing Light Yoga from one of the faculty

Training Tuition and Dates

Start Date: September 21, 2017

Tuition: $4000  (Payment plan is available: $1497 down and 12 payments of $250)

Training Detail


Month 1 Competencies
  • Healing Breath
  • Fast Breath
Month 2 Competencies
  • The Purification Sequence
Month 3 Competencies
  • Utilizing the Mahabhutas to Balance the Doshas
Month 4 Competencies
  • Use and Design of Subtle Movements
  • Inducing Deep Relaxation
  • Visualization
Month 5 Competencies
  • Marma Therapy
Month 6 Competencies
  • Healing with Higher Energies


Month 1 Knowledge
  • Subtle Intention
  • Pure Consciousness
  • Valsalva Maneuver
Month 2 Knowledge
  • 2nd Chakra and Flow
  • Sacred Symbols
  • Emotional Flow and Happiness
Month 3 Knowledge
  • Mahabhutas and Doshas
  • Chakras and Doshas
  • Understanding how to work with the qualities of the Doshas in the Chakras
Month 4 Knowledge
  • Strategies for Overcoming Habits
  • The Importance of Deep Relaxation
  • The Power of Visualization
Month 5 Knowledge
  • Location and Use of Marmas
Month 6 Knowledge
  • Concepts of Angels and Working with Higher Energies


Month 1 Demonstrations
  • Ability to Teach the Healing Breath
  • Completion of HLY Series 1
  • Journaling
Month 2 Demonstrations
  • Ability to Structure a Purification Sequence
  • Completion of HLY Series 2
  • Journaling
Month 3 Demonstrations
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Vata
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Pitta
  • Ability to Structure a Sequence to Balance Kapha
  • Completion of HLY Series 3
  • Journaling
Month 4 Demonstrations
  • Overcoming a Habit Patter with HLY
  • Ability to Teach Visualization
  • Completion of HLY Series 4
  • Completion of HLY Series 5
Month 5 Demonstrations
  • Teaching of Marma Use in HLY
  • Completion of HLY Series 6
  • Journaling
Month 6 Demonstrations
  • Demonstration of Working with Higher Energies
  • Completion of HLY Series 7
  • Journaling


Months 7 & 8 – Independent Study and supervision on the student’s individual and group instruction.

Final 4-day intensive to verify student’s skills and competencies.  

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