Asrael Zemenick

Asrael Zemenick works as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Counsellor and Yoga Teacher in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  She has always been interested in holistic and alternative ways of healing. Deeply intuitive she finds that true healing surpasses the boundaries of the physical body and embraces the emotional, energetic and most subtle layers of our being.  Asrael is called to guide and work with spiritual and holistic teachers and healers, who desire to deepen their experience of wellness past the physical boundaries. Her clients and students are people who are searching for something more than the mundane in their lives, and are deeply aware that their intuition and their bodies hold the power to heal, transform and release old patterns, thought processes, and emotions.  


In Asrael’s classes and one on one work- she encourages and facilitates a safe and sacred place for the client to deepen their own understanding of themselves, and the power they have to heal .  Through her teachings, students open to their innate intuitive knowledge, they learn to tap into the subtle energetics of their being, and to flow and transform emotions and energy.  


Asrael’s journey has been one filled with tremendous opportunity for deep learning and personal growth.  

  • In 2006 Asrael completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher- with Katherine Austin at  Karma Yoga .
  • During her yoga training she was introduced to her mentor Dr.Paul Dugliss an Ayurvedic Physician, who healed her chronic health issues through this ancient healing practice
  • After receiving her diploma, she travelled to India for 15 months, and immersed herself in the spiritual world that exists there, spending time at ashrams, deepening her yoga practice, and beginning her immersion into the practice of Ayurveda
  • On her return from India, Asrael begin her studies in Ayurveda completing a 3 semester program from New World Ayurveda in 2008
  • Asrael travelled once more to Thailand and India in 2009-2010  where she deepened her skills through further intensives with a Thai Medicine and Massage Healer, and further studies with Ayurvedic Healers in India
  • After further intensive study in Pancha Karma, Ayurvedic Body Therapies, Jyotish Astrology, and Consultations she received her full practitioner diploma in 2010
  • Asrael has also studied over time with different herbalists.   She uses her experience and knowledge of Western and Ayurvedic Herbs to grow and make oils, tinctures and teas
  • In 2012 Asrael completed another diploma in Ayurvedic Counselling, working to heal and transform on deep cellular, and energetic layers
  • Asrael has been an adjunct teacher with New World Ayurveda since 2012, substitute teaching, facilitating clinical intensives and leading intensives in Yoga Therapy. She also co- created and taught the Yoga And Ayurveda Wellness Pro Program.
  • Asrael is a co creator of Healing Light Yoga, and has been teaching groups and one on one sessions since 2009.
  • She currently has a practice in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, and also teaches hatha yoga classes in person, and Healing Light Yoga Therapy online.

“A bright and beautiful spirit, Asrael expertly guided this course inspiring confidence in the teachings and in our own ability to grow and learn. Her patience, love and unswerving support are the primary reason for the incredible depth of understanding I have gained from this course. Her teaching and insights are inspired and I am deeply honoured to have studied this material with her.”


Justine Lemos, PhD

Justine holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from UC Riverside (with an emphasis in Indian dance and South Asian embodied philosophy), a Master’s degree in Dance Studies from Mills College, a Master’s degree in Anthropology and a B.A. in World Dance from Hampshire College. Because of her intensive, long term in situ training in India, Justine’s approach to yoga is both intellectual and intuitive. She seeks to infuse contemporary yogic practices with their foundational practices as described in Hindu and Buddhist texts. Justine is a long-time yoga practitioner (her mother began studying yoga when she was pregnant and continued with Justine when she was a child). Justine is also an E- RYT-800 (Experience Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher). She has trained at Yoga West under students of Yogi Bhajan and under well-known Hatha Yogi Scott Miller at Western Yoga College ( where she is now faculty. She has also studied yogic texts and practices with several masters in India including Pandit Sri Kumar.  During her education she has extensively studied anatomy and kinesiology as these subjects apply to dance and yoga. She has also received training from Guru Ranjanaa Devi in classical Indian Odissi dance since 1996 and has performed as a principle dancer with Nataraj Dance Company at many venues with in the United States, India, Japan and elsewhere. From 2003-2004 Justine had Fulbright Grant in India where she intensively studied Mohinniyattam classical dance at Kerala Kalamandalam. She returned to India to continue her studies in 2005 for four months and then again from 2007-2008 under the auspices of an American Institute for Indian Studies Fellowship. During this time she studied classical dance and yoga philosophy and texts. She is currently undertaking an intensive study of Hathayogapradipika and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.  Justine is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and teaches and practices Ayurvedic methods of wellness for body, mind and spirit. Via her practice of Ayurveda she also teaches Healing Light Yoga. For more information and complete CV visit or

“I really enjoyed the more scholarly, historical approach to Justine’s time with us, her classes were great for putting the pieces together in terms of how these teachings fit in with the history and lineage of this work.”


Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Paul Dugliss, M.D. is the Director and Academic Dean of New World Ayurveda. He practices Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Counseling, Internal Medicine and is a qualified practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a Master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Dr Dugliss is currently focusing his practice of medicine on Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Counseling.

Dr Dugliss began studying Ayurvedic Medicine in the mid-1980s and has trained both in the U.S at Maharishi International University and in Europe at Maharishi Vedic University, Valkenberg, Holland. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA) and was previously a member of the Board of Directors of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Dr Dugliss formerly served as a Director of Oakwood Healthcare System’s Complementary & Alternative Medicine Center in Westland, MI. He also directed the Maharishi Vedic Medical Center in Lexington, KY and the Center for Enlightened Medicine in Ann Arbor, MI.

He is the author of several books including Ayurveda – The Power to Heal, Enlightened Nutrition, Capturing the Bliss: Ayurveda and the Yoga of Emotions, The Myth of Cholesterol, and Yoga & Ayurveda.