Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training

First and foremost it’s a journey of deep personal growth and healing.

It’s a held space for true transformation.

It’s life-changing.

Join Us In A Journey Of Healing And Transformation

September 2018- Online Training Begins






We invite you to join us on a powerful journey of growth and transformation through Healing Light Yoga.


This opportunity will open the door to deep connection with the self, as well as give you the tools to guide others into the exploration of the essence of their being, through breath, visualization and supportive yoga asana.  In it we weave together the ancient wisdom of the vedas with the divine light of our own intuition to create deep healing. 


It is an experiential path of subtle energy and its manifestation in the body.  Guided by intuition and by connecting with energy flows, you will learn to help others to infuse the muscles, cells and chakras with the healing power of consciousness. This work is supported by learning about and connecting with with healing mantras, mudras, and marma points​. 


As your being awakens through your own integration of the practice you will be able to support others in growth and healing. You will learn to teach and embrace of the deep peace of surrender, as you guide students to open to the more subtle consciousness available in deep rest.  It is here in the deep peace where the true depth of the practice is experienced.

We Would love to have you join us- please contact us for a free information session if you have any questions,


Asrael, Justine and Paul




What is Healing Light Yoga?

Healing Light Yoga is a powerful energy healing modality that integrates the body, the breath and pure consciousness.  It is an opportunity to deepen your experience of your physical self, to see firsthand how the breath, intention and intuition heals,  and to explore and release deeply held patterns and blocks from the cellular memory.  It’s not yoga in a modern sense, but a practice of integrated light and energy work that invited healing on the deepest levels and layers of being. 

Why Take Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training?

Are you interested in transformation?

Do you have the desire to heal and help others heal long held patterns?

Are you longing for a way to support your clients evolution and be able to create space for powerful healing on the cellular, energetic and spirit levels of the being?

Do you want to be able to offer a powerful practice/healing techniques that anybody can do and that can offer great effect in a short time?

Do you or your clients have tightness in your body that seem to be held deeper than just the muscular layer?

Healing Light Yoga offers an opportunity to expand and explore your deep consciousness.  This class offers you the tools and techniques to heal yourself and others in a gentle, focused, easy and connected way. 

Is this course for you?

This class is for anyone (regardless of yoga experience) that wants to bring deeper healing in to their communities and their practice. It’s wonderful modality for Bodyworkers, Energy Workers, Counsellors, Holistic Health Practitioners,Yoga Teachers, or anyone interested in Energy Healing

Who Can Benefit?.  Healing Light Yoga Is for Every Body.  The powerful healing that occurs in sessions or in classes are supported in comfortable positions where relaxation is key. The most important part of the practice is the breath, and the subtle energy techniques that surpass the boundaries of the physical body.  

Healing Light Yoga


“I have a deeper connection with the subtle layers and elements within myself and feel more confidence and trust in my ability to hold a safe space for people that can help facilitate them to find peace and balance within and move into wellness.”

Joanne Cooper

 “This course led me to discover myself as a healer, it has helped me bring my full self to both my practice and in my personal life.”






From the moment I first experienced HLY I knew I’d found a powerful yet special form of yogic healing. I dove into it right away, practicing weekly, and have since enjoyed the benefits including; reduced stress levels, feeling more at peace and enjoying a clearer mind. The most surprising aspect of HLY was its ability to clear out the stress I was carrying in a nurturing and supportive manner.  I can say with confidence…it works!

David Lesinski- Artist, Vedic Counsellor

Healing Light Yoga integrates the stillness of meditation with uplifting visualizations and sound healing throughout the body.

Knowing that I am part of a Healing Light yoga community nourishes me so that I may move gracefully through my days with acceptance, patience, unconditional love and humility.


Sally Raspberry- Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner

After completing the training I understand how in-depth this healing technique is, and it feels essential for sharing with clients. 

There is a great and beautiful amount of wisdom in HLY – not the least of which is the self-healing that occurs during the course. I feel I received amazing instruction, and being immersed in the training for 8 months with the other classmates was powerful!  Lots of practice, which was perfect, wonderful readings, discussion, peer work.  I feel I now have one of the most important ‘tools’ for both clients healing and for furthering my own evolution. 

I am very grateful to have received this training, and very very glad it is offered, so that others may share it.


Shelley Tetz- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Healing Light Yoga Teacher, Chi Nei Tsang Bodyworker

Working with Asrael made me realize that the “movement” we are seeking in YOGA is more of an internal process rather than the “motion” we experience during exercise.  With her effective, yet gentle and compassionate approach, Asrael helped me bring back to life parts of myself that I thought were forever lost. It was a gradual process made of many small successes that eventually resulted in complete healing. Today, I look back and am in disbelief over the progress I made. With her clear focus, tremendous insight and knowledge Asrael guided me to let go of the trauma that was lodged deeply into my physiology and was preventing a full recovery.


Tiziana Boccaletti- Artist, Herbal Aromatherapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Teaching Others


How to Go Deep Within

Healing Light Yoga releases Ama (toxins) on all levels of life:

  • Clears cellular memory to heal from the inside out

  • Changes energetic patterns that create imbalance in the mind and body

  • Transforms old emotional wounds to create deep inner peace

  • Restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease

  • Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom

  • …and much, much more.


Come Join Us

We invite you to join us for this unique journey into inner exploration, self-discovery and profound transformation. Unlike any type of yoga that you have experienced before, this teacher training course redefines the healing potential of energy. Learn to teach this healing art in this advanced teacher training program.  The overview of the curriculum is on the next page.


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